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How to get the perfect fit with cloth nappies

  1. Open nappy and lay it out on your changing table. Position baby on the nappy with the back elastic just above the bum crack.
  2. Pinch the middle of the nappy as you pull it between the legs to make sure that the elastics are snug against the panty line.
  3. Pull the nappy up and over baby’s tummy.
  4. Hold the front tab snug against baby’s hip, above the thigh.
  5. Pull the wing from the back of the nappy over to the front and secure the tabs.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. There should be enough of a gap for 2 fingers between baby and the nappy.
  8. Check that the leg elastic is still in the panty line.
  9. The front of the nappy will sit quite high on baby’s tummy, close to but under the navel.
  10. If necessary, adjust the rise snaps and tack the extra fabric upwards between the snaps.
  11. If there is still a gap in the leg area gentle tug the front tabs until the gap closes. This is the Bunny Ear Hack, the tabs stick out the waist.
  12. Check that the back of the nappy is just above the bum crack.

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