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Stripping your Cloth Nappies

5 August 2022  

Once you start your cloth nappy journey you will hear about STRIPPING! Before we discuss more about this process it is important to understand that with an effective, successful wash routine stripping should not be necessary.

There are many suggested stripping methods available online and we caution you to consider that most of them will include steps that will void your warranty and shorten the lifecycle of your cloth nappies.

We strongly advise against the use of bleach with our nappies as per our manufacturer’s advice. Strong, abrasive chemicals can severely damage the natural fibres of your cloth nappies. It is also very important to understand how bleaches work and to ensure that they are properly neutralised, or they can cause skin irritation and damage.

Over time you could experience build-up in your cloth nappies or have infection concerns. You will notice that your nappies are leaking, there could be an increase in babies’ nappy rashes, thrush and/or strong odours when the nappy is wet. It may then become necessary to “strip” your nappies. Before you experiment with the various bleach stripping methods, we encourage you to try Super Nappy Wash and/or detergent free rinse cycles.

Try several warm washes without detergent. You can increase temp up to 60⁰C for the occasional strip but not every wash. After the second cycle add a dose of Super Nappy Wash to refresh your nappies. The key to avoiding residue build up is to RINSE, RINSE, RINSE! (Unless you have Hard Water)

Concerns about spores or bacteria, this could be because the nappies are pre-loved or baby has had a thrush infection. Replace your regular detergent with Super Nappy Wash. This will kill 99.9% of spores and bacteria while giving a thorough clean and removing any strong odours.