Hard Water

When water has a high concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium it becomes hard. You can recognise hard water by:

  • White, scaly build up in your kettle
  • Drinking glasses become less clear
  • White fabric becomes dull or grey
  • Your hands feel slimy after washing with soap and water

The mineral deposits in the water bind to the fabric and if not properly managed the dirt and ammonia becomes trapped resulting in stink issues.

To effectively combat hard water, use a powdered detergent, warm water and more detergent than usual. It is not advisable to use vinegar, extra rinses or more water.

You may be tempted to add Borax or Washing Soda to your detergent as this will help “soften” the water and allow for a more effective clean however, the long-term use of these additives will damage your cloth nappies.

Super Nappy Wash and Hard Water:

Super Nappy Wash is not designed to change water, it does not contain scientific elements that work on the high calcium and magnesium content of hard water, it is designed to gently eliminate odour and bacteria with a powerful yet eco-friendly/biodegradable cleaning action on fabrics and fibres. Our manufacturer makes no claims in relation to hard water as this is a technical process water needs to go through to be softened.

However, in hard water lab tests Super Nappy Wash was used in conjunction vinegar and was seen to be compatible in a wash. We advise caution with regards to additives like vinegar as they can be damaging and will void certain brand warranties.