Know your Washing Machine

Modern cloth nappies need a balance of detergent, agitation, time, and temperature to ensure that they are properly cleaned. All machines are different, so it is important that you understand the capacity and washing cycles for your machine.

Your load of nappies should be approximately ¾ of the washing machine drum. Too many nappies will mean that they will not agitate properly and too few nappies will lead to an unbalanced load. Add household laundry like towels if your load is less than ¾ of the washing machine drum.

An incorrect load will also change the effectiveness of your detergent. When removing your nappies, they should not smell of anything; too little detergent will not clean the nappies and too much will lead to soap build up. Modern cloth nappies will benefit most from a long wash cycle. Check your washing machine instruction manual for the best cycle. Often named the Cotton or Fuzzy cycle.

Always check the temperature settings of your machine, we do not recommend washing your nappies over 40⁰C. At the end of your washing cycle there should be no soap suds and your nappies should not smell of anything; good or bad.

Run regular cleaning cycles! Consult your user manual or manufacture’s guide on how to maintain and clean your washing machine.