MagSul Sport Bath


MagSul™ Sport Bath, exclusively for the sports enthusiast is manufactured by Therific Ideas (PTY)Ltd, an award winning company producing the recognized household brand and internationally sought after, award winning, Kiddy-Calm™ bath salts.

Our MagSul refills bags are 2.40kg in weight.

There are THREE KEY FACTORS for best results.

  • Follow the suggested dossage on the packaging (your scoop is inside the refill)
  • Remain in the water for atleast 15-20min to allow for maximum absorption.
  • Use daily for best results. Magnesium only stays in the body for 8 to 10 hours, so bathing daily will help maintain good levels.


  • is available as a Magnesium Sulphate BUBBLE or BUBBLE FREE Bath salt
  • safe to use for all ages
  • target market is the sports enthusiast, active sports person, contact sports and endurance sports athletes
  • benefits include: speeds up muscle recovery, is a natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, stimulates vasodilatation and reduces stress
  • is packaged in attractive, flat-bottom, clear zip-lock bags as individual items of 1kg, 2.5kg or in a retail box of 10 x 1kg bags
  • manufactured under patent protection.
  • Buy 10 x 1kg bags and have them packed in a Retail Display box with flyers, for free!
  • *Choose a flavour below:


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