I decided to use cloth diapers while I was still pregnant with my first son, after realizing just how expensive disposables are. Looking at the different options online, I realized that Bam+Boo were the best option – they seemed to be good quality and reasonably priced. I took the plunge, and bought a beautiful collection of nappies.

I didn’t have to wait long for my boy to grow into them, and I’m relieved that he did it quickly, because here’s what I’ve found out since then:

Bam+Boo nappies don’t leak, fit more comfortably than the disposables, and are easy to wash. I’m saving at least R1000 a month on disposables. The best thing? My baby had horrible nappy rash before using the Bam+Boo nappies, but since making the switch, it’s finally started clearing up!

The nappies are very good quality, but more importantly, the after-sales customer service is excellent. I haven’t been the most straight-forward customer, and Sally has catered to my order changes and other issues with friendly, prompt solutions.

I couldn’t be happier, and if I need to expand my nappy collection, I’ll be going back to Bam+Boo!

-Caroline Evangeline Swart Bankart

We absolutely love our Bam+Boo AIOs- they are hubbies favorite nappies too. They fit so well and are very absorbent, even for our heavy wetter. The patterns are super cute and their great quality means that they last.

Using cloth and not disposables means you don’t get terrible nappy rashes, they’re good for baby, good the environment, good for your bank balance as each nappy lasts from when baby is about 5kg till they are potty trained.

-Virginia Horsley

My first cloth nappy was a Bam+Boo sleeve. I bought it at mama magic expo as I first saw their web. I initially started cloth with my toddler who is potty training now, as she used to rip of her sposies after very little wee.

I loved my Bam+Boo so much that I now have my 3 month old on cloth full time. Yay for cloth!

-Louise Engelbrecht Swanepoel

Bam+boo is such a great brand! My stash are my everyday go to nappies, I always reach for them! What more can be said?
Sally runs such a great business! Always ready for that extra bit of advice, and her customer service is exceptional!

-Faaizah Asmal Laher

Absolutely amazing! My daughter (6 months) loves them, even my son (2 years) was crying one night because he also wanted to wear one of the Bamboo nappies. Works out much cheaper than disposable nappies

-Duandri Botha

I have a couple Bam+Boo nappies, and I love them, although I am only a part time cloth user, I find your nappies great quality and easy to use. That is why when I saw the training pants I leaped at the opportunity to buy them.

I placed my order yesterday, and the nappies arrived today.
I am beyond impressed in the speed that you prepared my order and sent it out.

I was expecting it to take weeks to arrive. My son is now kitted up for potty training although he is not ready yet.


“About two months ago I ventured into the world of cloth nappies, it’s a confusing but exciting place to be. I decided that I wanted to try the Bam+Boo nappy. Tanith was a tremendous help, she gave me so much information regarding different brands and the way each work. I decided to order the Bam+Boo and two other brands to test. I ordered and a few days later I received my nappies. On my little one the Bam+Boo looked a bit bulky but was by far the most absorbing nappy and the only one I’ve used overnight. It is one of the bigger nappies thus I know I am covered until toddlerhood. I’m definitely getting more Bam+Boo especially as my little one grows older. The Bam+Boo fleece liners are also amazing and I can definitely recommend them to everybody.”   

-Marie, Randfontein

“I was actually meaning to send you a quick email to thank you so much for the unbelieveably quick, efficient service! I received the nappies the day after I ordered them, and I think they are gorgeous 🙂

(I still have a little while before I actually will need to use them – only due on 3 october – but they look lovely!)… I will definitely be ordering more in the not-too-distant-future 🙂 AND! I told a friend of mine (who has a little 3 month old babe) about them, she ordered some, was also very impressed with the service, and has been using AND absolutely loving them too!!”

-Anja C, Port Elizabeth

“I am loving the nappies and so is my 3 year old daughter, in fact when I am trying to put a disposable nappy on her, she says, ” Mommy, no not the nappy that hurts me.” They dry quickly, which is a great plus, and work wonderfully. They are nice and soft.”

-Martinette, Joburg

“I have an assortment of pocket nappies of different brands and these really are the best and very well priced. Happy heinys and bum genius topped my list but these are much better. They fit amazingly, the leg gusset contains messes and they are super absorbant.”

– Bridgette, George

“So its nearly been one week of using my Bam+Boo cloth nappies, and I still love them as much as the first day I got them…
I can’t wait till I do my next monthly shop and I get to just bypass the nappy section….”

– Angela, Durban

It’s amazing how the bamboo fabric becomes more absorbent after a few washes. I can confidently leave the nappy on for at least three hours without worrying. I used to use disposables when going out, but that’s no longer necessary! Even bigger savings! 

– Ibtisaam, Cape Town

We are absolutely LOVING the nappies. My son loves them, my husband loves them because they are easy and I love them because with an extra soaker in them he goes the whole night through and is dry in the morning. They fit beautifully and look so cute on him. We were away in Vredendal this weekend at a birthday party and it was very hot there on Saturday. He wore his nappy and a T-shirt and still looked like he was dressed for the party. Did you design them yourself? I demonstrated to a small group of mums on Friday and they loved them. One asked me who designed them. The type of comment I have had so far and feel myself is that this nappy is revolutionary in its design. You, or whoever did design it, has taken the best qualities out of all the brands and made them into one perfect nappy!

– Celeste, Cape Town

I am soooo happy with these nappies! The fit is superb (will send you a pic) and even in pre 10 wash state the absorbency is better than what I have been using!

– Lindi

“My kids are too big for nappies – but they are my first choice of gift for anybody who has a new baby…. and the responses I get from the recipients makes me feel like I’ve given them bars of pure gold!!! : )”

– Jacqueline, Survival Guide

“My little Rebecca is LOVING them! and they making nights so much easier!”

– Samantha, PE

“I am loving the nappies! I was a bit daunted at first with the idea of having to keep dirty nappies. but have got over it already as the whole nappy is so well designed. My baby also seems a lot happier as a result of wearing the Bamboo nappies!”

– Tamarin, Pinetown

“I received the nappies on Friday morning. I am nervous to get excited about them because of my horrible experience with my other supplier. They are now refusing to give me a refund.

But I have washed them once and started using them straight away. I expected to change Nora quite often but they proved to be surprisingly absorbant despite only one wash. They are more bulky when lying flat and more fiddly than the others I have but they fit much better. They are less bulky around her little bum and are so snug around her waist. The design is excellent.

So far so good. We are pleased.

Thank you for your great service.”

-Rosalind, Klein Windhoek – Namibia