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Nappy Liners: Fleece vs Disposable

Let’s talk about nappy liners.

Liners are supposed to do two things:

  • Keep baby’s bum a bit drier.
  • Making waste disposal a lot easier while reducing staining.

They also make pretty handy wipes on the compactum and in the nappy bag.

There are two types of liners available.

Disposable Liners

BiodegradableLinersThese are available in a roll containing 100 perforated sheets of bamboo viscose. They are easy to use and handy to have. Our disposable liners are biodegradable and compostable. Wet-only liners can be added to a compost heap and your paper recycling.

With regards to flushing, we advise caution. Liners are not the same as toilet paper, they break down slower and can cause issues with your sewerage system. It is vitally important that you know your toilet before you choose to flush liners. A great compromise is to install a bidet sprayer, these will help remove any solid, sometimes very sticky, mess directly into your toilet.

Fleece Liners

Our fleece liners are made out of micro fleece. This quality polyester synthetic fabric is the perfect stay-dry fabric for a nappy liner. As it is a non-absorbent fabric these liners are super-fast drying and easy to clean. Even the messiest changes can be cleaned with the power of a toilet flush and a firm grip on the end of the liner. If a baby is particularly sensitive to wetness then these are a great option. Fleece liners are also a great way to save money and be a little bit more environmentally aware.


We thought that the below tale was the perfect way to educate you about the wonders of fleece liner: “Let me tell you a bit about the event which converted me to fleece liners, having always been pretty sceptical when others raved about them: I flew to Orkney with my first son, and he did not do his usual morning poo before we left (normally as regular as clockwork), so we had it hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles all morning.  At Gatwick, I changed him again, in case he had sneakily done it en route – no poo.  By the time we got to Aberdeen, he finally decided to perform, at which point I realised I had used my only spare nappy and the rest were on the plane.  The nappy itself had plenty more capacity for wee – the only problem was the dirty liner.  However, luckily I had put on a fleece liner rather than a flushable one. I say ‘luckily’ because fleece was large enough to cover the whole nappy so none had got onto the nappy itself, as he was weaned it caught all the solids and I was able to sluice it in the toilet to remove the poo, then I could wash it in the sink and then quickly dried it in the hand dryer.  The fleece liner went back into the nappy and we were on our way again.  I would normally change the whole nappy after a poo but in this case we reused the nappy and were good to go.”

We would like to thank the Wendy Richards and her team at The Nappy Lady for the above excerpt: